Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parade of homes High Efficient Furnaces, duct work, venting, controls, refridgeration, and natural gas line.

 PCV venting and duct work
 straight sealed joint custom duct work
 Alvera st. Holiday Utah
95.5% Furnace systems, drains gas, venting, duct work, refridgeration, filters, air conditioning, hoods, dryer vents, controls, and quality work.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Harvest Park Duplex with 2 high efficient 95.5% Furnaces and full mechanical installation

 Under construction still
 System 1 in Duplex. 95.5% High Efficient Furnace

 System 2 in Duplex. 95.5% High Efficient Furnace
Under construction

Three 95.5% Furnace and Air Conditioning System Custom Home in Holiday Utah

 Mastic seal all seams and joints
 Basement Down flow underground and Main level up flow 95.5% HVAC systems
 Upstairs 95.5% HVAC system
 Underground duct work for goddard res.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Harvest Park Custom Duplex with 2 High Efficient 95.5% Furnaces and custom installation

Three Homes including the personal home of camron from CW Constuction

 CW Personal with a newly finished basement by Precision Air Management
 CW Neighbor With High efficient system installed
 CW Neighbor With High efficient system installed

Armodo's New home in Provo with a high efficient 95.5% Furnace installed

Springville Power Sub Stations with new Misubishi Split heat pump systems

Two New Mitsubishi Split system heat pumps installed for Springville Power on local sub stations

Schill Development Office Misubishi system and indoor unit installation

Troy's Affinity Home with two 96% Furnaces and 4 zone system for ultimate comfort

Mapleton Custom home with all the high efficient equipment and accessories available.

Welton Residence with two high efficient Furnaces split up and down

Quality work and 100%  Customer Satisfaction in every custom home